(This post was originally scheduled to publish at 17:00 UTC, October 24. I don't know what happened that prevented it from going live. The status says "will be published in 7 days", and today's date is November 1st. 😶)

Windows 7 turned 10 a few days ago. As a wannabe tech enthusiast (read: n00b) who was stuck with Windows XP and tried to make the OS look like Vista through themes and tools, I was super stoked about the new visual look and features of Windows 7. I listened to the promotion song over and over, and begged my mom to buy a copy of the new OS.

I got the Home Premium edition off Amazon.cn (formally called Joyo Amazon back then) for ¥799,  and boy was the packaging fancy! I had never seen a disc so glittery and packed with so many anti-conterfeit features in my life. I guarded the product key insert before I was finally able to install the system with 512 MB of extra ram purchased from the computer parts store. I put in the disc and waited anxiously, only to be interrupted by repeated beeps from the buzzer - my parents had got the wrong type of RAM.