Following GitHub’s announcement of the availability of free private repositories, I immediately logged in to GitHub to make some of my repositories private (and to unwatch certbot to free up my inbox). Revisiting GitHub made me realize that I used to be quite active on it.

After I joined GitHub back in 2013, I did what I can to contribute to several repositories and create my own forks of some web applications. I was heavily constrained by my programming skills and English proficiency back then (given my age), but at least I wasn’t afraid to try.

I made around 10 contributions in 2013, and more than 60 in 2014. What I had just noticed was that apart from some low-quality commits, I actually submitted patches in PHP and made a functional HTML index page using Bootstrap. Now I can’t write in PHP at all, and I don’t really know HTML either. I became inactive on GitHub from 2015 onwards, making only 5 contributions in the past two years combined.

A terrible truth lies right in front of me: my 12-year-old self was more like a developer compared to my present-day self. What I am now is more of a power user than a *developer. *

> to be continued… > > (or maybe not)