For months I’ve wanted to write something here, but my creative hiatus (aka laziness) always got the better of me. Not a single post in June (August edit: and July)! How totally unacceptable is that.

I came back home from Egypt quite a few days ago, and I’ll begin a new adventure in just a couple of days. I’m back! See, I do have a backlog of posts. Expect a writeup later. Egypt was absolutely amazing, and for the most part blew my expectations out of the water. A few nitpicks, though:

  • The weather. You ain’t done nothing if you haven’t been outside (for an entire day!) on a 42℃ day (that’s 107.6℉ for those who use the imperial system what am i doing with my life)


  • The mobile carriers. They seem to be pretty affordable. That’s what I thought. Truth be told, 250 EGP (~15 USD) isn’t a lot for 10 gigs of data, a bazillion minutes of local calls, and 20 mins of IDD, valid for a month. (I was later told that Vodafone offers 30 GB for around the same price. Had I chosen that Vodafone plan (tariff?) over Orange’s Holiday 10GB plan (or if I ponied up for the 40GB plan), I wouldn’t be experiencing the same level of woe as I did. Woe is me, as I trust OpenSignalMap a little too much and yearn for that extra Mbps. Plus, Vodafone seemed to have VoLTE.)
  • It was all fine until I was about to use up my 10GB. As I burned through my data, I began to look for more data. Enter the extension page, where you can seeming get 8GB or 10GB for 100 EGP. That’s simple, right? All I need to do is to recharge 100 EGP. “Recharge by credit card”? Awesome! However, after Orange declined 2 prepaid cards and an actual credit card, I gave up. Apparently they support cards issued by Egyptian banks only. One thing I noticed when recharging is that to reload 70 EGP, you would need to pay 100 EGP. Initially I thought it was a credit card processing fee things, so I just went down to the store and bought a 100 EGP recharge card. I entered the card number and hit recharge. Poof! I got 70 EGP. Only then did I become aware of the ~30% government tax (or VAT, or whatever) on mobile carrier recharges. Fine. I went to get another 50 EGP and got 105 EGP on my account. Since both 8GB and 10GB packages were available for 100 LE, I clicked on the 10GB option without thinking twice. I began to notice something wrong when I saw the words “Home 4G” on the activation SMS. I was able to use data just fine, so I didn’t pay too much attention. When I got to Oct 6th city a few days later, my data stopped working. I immediately suspected it was because of the Home 4G thing, but I didn’t bring it up to customer support, thinking that they would be able to see that one way or another. Nope. After hours of calls (mainly being put on hold) and way too many exchanges, the CS representative offered to file a complaint for me (which I never heard from again). Eventually, I noticed the small print on their Home 4G page stating that data availability is limited to the place of activation. That would explain it perfectly, and what I wanted to do was to order a new package and use that package instead. NOPE. Somehow, the Home 4G package takes precedence over other packages, and I still didn’t have data after ordering another, regular data package.

Apologies for the long paragraph. I used to like WordPress’ new editor Gutenberg a lot, but now I’m really feeling its pone bone-hurting aspects.

(Someone used to call Gutenberg, 古腾堡**Gǔ téng bǎo in Chinese, 骨疼宝**Gǔ téng bǎo, which means bone pain(-inflicting) elixir. Bad pun, I know, but what else can I do?)

Joke’s on you, Yoast.
I’m seriously contemplating migrating to Ghost now. It’s lighter and has AMP support built right in. Should I do it? It’s going to be a multi-step process since existing plugins/scripts only support the Ghost 1.x format. I might also be consolidating my various servers into many containers on one server in the coming months. I’ve tried that before, but it was a HDD server and the I/O performance was horrendous. RAID 0 didn’t help much either, but at least I didn’t lose any data 🙂