What kinds of Twitter posts get the media treatment? Apparently, this kind:

"You know what #ubuntu really needs? More ponies! Install ponysay from the snap store, and you can help fix this important problem!" by @Ubuntu

The tweet spawned quite a few news articles:

Ubuntu Linux strangely promotes Brony culture on Twitter - BetaNews

Even Chinese ones (!):

Ubuntu promotes Brony culture on Twitter, causing controversies: "You are going to lose followers" - cnBeta

Whew. Are we back in 2012? It's quite funny to see media ramble on about Bronies these days, especially considering the tweet was made in good humor and had little to do with "promoting Brony culture". Many of the replies are also light-hearted, so it's really interesting to see such a serious post stemming over a single tweet.

Stop beating the dead horse, please.

Well, if Ubuntu was trying to promote Brony culture, it certainly worked on me:

best pony

Also, the post on cnBeta explains why I stopped browsing it a long time ago. Solidot, on the other hand, is a far superior website that only reports on stuff that matters. /s^H^H Seriously, go check it out!

Where did the content come from?

A little digging on @Ubuntu reveals that the account periodically posts about snap packages. Specifically, the body of the tweet in question comes from a year-old blog post on Snapcraft:

Fresh Snaps from August 2018 on snapcraft.io

The reaction

cnBeta: article rating
comments from the original post
replies to the post author's tweet


"@Ubuntu decided to insert content from My Little Pony into the terminal of all snaps released today"

What was that? For the record, the MOTD has nothing to do with Pony.

Correction: The article was updated to reflect that the tweet wasn't automatic.