Yay! I've decided to give Linux desktop another spin, this time with Ubuntu 19.10.

It all went pretty well until I was hit with 500% CPU usage when decoding 4K VP9 videos in Chrome/Chromium. Time to manually compile Chromium?

Firefox was basically the same, except it had HDR capabilities. Weird.

Update: this xkcd is relevant.

Update #2: Still, I have to acknowledge the fact that Linux desktop has come a long way over the past few years.

i still miss crunchbang

Update #3: Now Settings refuses to launch. Fantastic.

Update #4: VP9 HW acceleration isn't supported in Nvidia's VDPAU. Meh.

Update #5: Support for VP9 decode is added in 440.31. I don't want to break secure boot just yet, though.